By Gopalkrishna Bhat in Chitrapur Saraswats: How many on FB let's see.

This document has been transferred from Facebook by Vanita Kumta.

Colour= baNNu, rangu बंणु, रंगु

White= dhavnvo धवो

Black= kALo काळो

Red= tambDo ताम्ब्डो

Yellow= haLduvo हळदुवो

Rose= gulali गुलालि

Blue= neeLo निळो

Green= pAchvo पाच्वो

Orange= nArangi, sonnAringA baNNu नारंगी, सोन्नारिंगा बंणु

Violet= jAmbLi जांबळि

Grey= kALshe dhave_n, gobrA baNNu काळ्शे धवें, गोबरा बंणु

Violet= jAmbLi जांबळि

Yellowish orange= kesri केस्री

Saffron=kAve baNNu कावे बंणु

Brown (various shades) mAtye baNNu(earthen brown), puDye bannu (snuff brown), choklet_a baNNu

Pink piyyAvA baNNu

Parrot green parvae baNNu

Golden yellow bhAngrA baNNu

Sky blue AkAshA baNNu

Maroon kukumA baNNu !

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